The St Joseph’s School Advisory Council serves to support the principal in providing a faith-based environment that is welcoming, safe and supportive for our students and families.


The School Advisory Council (SAC) is comprised of parents and community members who volunteer to support the school principal by providing input and advice in various school matters. The work of the SAC takes place within the context of the work of the Catholic Church educating its young people in the Catholic faith and for full participation in society. The SAC enables a spirit of partnership to be developed within the school community and is constituted in a way that allows the various bodies within the school to be represented and to participate in the development of the school and its management.

The main roles of the SAC include:

  • Acts as a support and ‘sounding board’ for the Principal
  • Advises the Principal regarding school financial matters, such as financial performance against budget, sustainability and recurrent and capital funding
  • Endorses the Principal’s annual school budget (including tuition fees and charges) before submission to CECWA for approval
  • Provides panel membership on Principal appointment recommendation, in accordance with CECWA policy
  • Provides planning and development advice to the Principal on meeting the present and future needs of the school’s students, and
  • Disseminates information within the school community.

Elections for the SAC are held towards the end of each school year at the school’s Annual Community Meeting. The SAC Terms of Reference can be found here.

 2023 School Advisory Committee

  • Chairperson: Desiree Pozzi
  • Vice Chairperson: 
  • Treasurer: Terrence Winner
  • Secretary: Renae Hulme
  • P & F Representative: Cara Maroni
  • Member: Rebecca O’Brien
  • Member: Kelly Arcaro
  • Member: Andrew Saltmarsh
  • Parish Representative: Fr Stephen Gorddard
TELEPHONE: (08) 9093 2351  |  240 BURT STREET, BOULDER WA 6432