Our Pre-Kindy program provides our littlest learners with rich, play-based learning experiences


St Joseph’s Pre-Kindy program allows for children to develop at their own rate, following their own interests with a strong play-based foundation. Our Pre-Kindy program has a strong emphasis on developing the child’s social and emotional independence in a fun and stimulating environment.

The Pre-Kindy program aims to:

  • provide an environment supportive of the Catholic ethos which acknowledges the innate spirituality of every child, fosters the child’s ability to wonder, experience awe, overcome difficulties, love others and reflect God their creator
  • provide a happy, stimulating and supportive environment where the children feel welcome, secure and valued
  • provide a gentle introduction to school routines and behaviours such as eating out of a lunchbox, sitting on the mat to listen to a story, lining up to wash their hands, packing away, etc.
  • provide a program that will cater for a wide range of developmental abilities and interests allowing children to develop to their full potential, spiritually, cognitively, linguistically, physically, socially and emotionally
  • provide a program that will emphasise learning as an interactional process; being the child interacting with the environment, through a balance of teacher initiated or directed activities, free play and discovery learning
  • encourage children to become self-reliant and to be able to make choices
  • develop in the children the ability to communicate verbally and non-verbally their thoughts, ideas and feelings
  • develop their fine and gross motor skills
  • encourage a healthy moral awareness
  • make Pre-Kindy a place where children feel comfortable and valued, in a supportive and encouraging environment

St Joseph’s offers a full day session every Monday and Thursday from 8.45am-2.45pm, during the school term. Children attend for one of these days each week. The programme is run by a qualified early childhood teacher and a qualified education assistant. The maximum class size is 20 in each of the two groups and the cost is $70 per day.


Children must have already turned 3 before they begin the program, but you will need to submit an enrolment application well before then, as the program is full every year. If allocated a spot, it will be held for them until their birthday. As this can be confusing, here is a guide as to when to apply for enrolment:

If your child is turning 3 between 1/7/22 and 20/6/23, you will need to apply in mid-2022 for the 2023 school year.

If your child is turning 3 between 1/7/23 and 20/6/24, you will need to apply in mid-2023 for the 2024 school year.

Children should preferably be fully toilet trained, but we understand that this will not be the case for all children.

Enrolment Process:

  • Towards the end of Term 2, we begin advertising on Facebook for enrolment applications for the following year.
  • Applications should be sent or handed in to the school office, along with a $20 application fee, birth certificate, immunisation record and baptism certificate (if baptised).
  • The office staff will contact you to arrange an interview, which are usually held during Term 3.
  • You and your child will attend an enrolment interview with the principal or one of the assistant principals in order for us to gather information about your child and your family and to answer any questions you might have.
  • Letters of offer will be sent out towards the end of Term 3, or beginning of Term 4.
  • An orientation morning is held at the end of the year where you and your child will be able to meet the teacher and learn more about what to expect in Pre-Kindy.

For further information, please download the Pre Kindy Handbook 2021 and the Pre-Kindy to Year 6 Enrolment Form

Acceptance of enrolment into Pre-Kindy does not automatically ensure enrolment acceptance in our Kindy class the following year. This is a separate application process.

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