Creating engaging, safe and supportive learning environments.


St Joseph’s School adopts numerous strategies to provide a child-safe environment.

Code of Conduct – The St Joseph’s  Code of Conduct outlines the minimum standards of behaviour and decision-making to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all members of the school community. It defines healthy, respectful and appropriate relationships and staff, parents and visitors to the school are bound to act in ways commensurate with the Code of Conduct. If you have any concerns about breaches to the school Code of Conduct please complete the form attached to this link, so these concerns can be addressed. 

Student Voice Digital Form – Students have access to a Student Voice Digital Form as an avenue for communicating with staff, when they do not feel comfortable doing so in person.

Buddies – Each of our junior classes are buddied with one of our senior classes with the aim of forming connections between different age groups. This provides our younger students with a sense of belonging and security and our older students take on the responsibility of keeping an eye on the younger members of our school.

Keeping Safe Curriculum – All Kindy to Year 6 classes receive protective behaviour lessons using the Keeping Safe Curriculum. This curriculum is aimed at helping students recognise abuse and ways they can protect themselves from potential harm. It teaches information about their rights, healthy relationships, responsibilities and ethical behaviour. This program meets our school registration requirement to provide a protective behaviour curriculum to our students.

Staff Training – First aid qualifications are refreshed annually to ensure staff respond appropriately to physical injuries. In addition, all staff undertake yearly training on Mandatory Reporting to ensure they are aware of the signs of sexual abuse and their obligations in reporting a belief it may be occurring.

Volunteers in the School – Volunteers in the school (who are not parents of students) are required to provide the school office with a current Working With Children (WWC) card. This includes facilitators of incursions and visiting allied health specialists. Grandparents, or other family members who wish to volunteer in the school, must also provide a WWC find the cheapest wholesale christian louboutin high tops shoes online,the best swiss quality,welcome to visit our site.rolex knockoff rolex datejust rolex calibre 2836 2813 m126281rbr 0001 mens two tone placed control in the furniture altar.

Further information regarding CEWA’s Child Safe Framework can be found here.

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