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Early Childhood Program

Early Childhood Program At St Joseph’s School, we offer high quality Early Childhood Education for children from the age of three years onwards. Our early childhood programs allows for children to develop at their own rate, following their own interests with a strong play based foundation.

Each child is a precious and sacred gift who possesses their own unique talents and abilities. Our program enables our children to experience the joy and wonder of the world in a safe, secure, happy and stimulating environment. Our program takes into account each child’s aptitude to learn through a variety of learning experiences, including a balance of teacher initiated or directed activities, free play and discovery learning. Children are directly involved and active in their learning; discussing what they know, what they would like to know and what they have learnt.

We believe that all children are strong, competent and unique. We aim to develop a positive attitude to learning and a thirst for knowledge while providing a happy, stimulating and supportive environment where children feel welcome, secure and valued.