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21st Century Learning

St Joseph’s School endeavours to provide all staff and students with the skills, tools and mind set to achieve success in a rapidly changing technological and information rich world. We aim to develop our staff, students and parents into responsible digital citizens who are able to interact collaboratively as members of the connected global community. By integrating information and communication technologies into all areas of the Australian Curriculum we aim to provide powerful and effective tools to engage students, empower teachers and involve parents in developing lifelong learners.

St Joseph’s School is well resourced with iPads in all year levels, interactive whiteboards and LCD screens with Apple TVs in classrooms. From Year Four, the school runs a parent funded 1:1 iPad program. The use of iPads in the classroom is designed to complement and enhance the current teaching and learning programs.

We believe that all students can learn and that technology, and its integration, is one tool that is one part of a quality learning process.